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With the news that Fortnite is hosting a “Rift Tour” (probably) featuring Ariana Grande as a headliner, you know that Epic is going to do everything it can to promote the show. That's why it's no surprise that a set of Rift Tour challenges have dropped, giving players a chance to earn some bonus items and promote awareness about the show.

Ahead of the show, Epic's first task for Fortnite players is to find a Rift Tour poster on the island. Thankfully, whoever is in charge of promotions has quite the budget, meaning there's a ton of Rift Tour posters scattered about several locations.

If you just want to complete the challenge as quickly as possible, we've laid out every spot you can find a Rift Tour poster on Believer Beach, one of the easier locations to get to.

Rift Tour poster locations: Believer Beach

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You'll find Rift Tour posters mostly in the center of Believer Beach, on the walls on either side of the concert area where the respawn van is located.

You're looking for an average size poster, and it appears they have multiple designs, so your best bet is to just walk up to a poster and see if the interact prompt pops up.

There are also posters on the fence in the southwest part of Believer Beach.

Thankfully, that's all you need to do to complete this challenge. For your trouble, you'll get a new spray that puts the Rift Tour poster on any surface. Guerrilla marketing!

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