What to expect from EA Play Live this month EA Play 2021

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The big E3 2021 press conferences are long over, except for one. Instead of joining the other companies in mid-June, EA scheduled its yearly EA Play Live event for Thursday, July 22 this year. The livestream preshow will start at 10 am Pacific. 

In previous years, EA has announced new Battlefield games in advance of E3 and then featured live gameplay demos during E3. It seems like it's doing the same thing here, just with the date of its E3 event moved way back. Battlefield 2042, which will be out on October 22, got a gameplay trailer at the Microsoft E3 conference, but we haven't seen any uncut gameplay. It feels probable that'll happen at EA Play Live.

We also know that EA will reveal a new Battlefield 2042 mode made by DICE LA, which is said to be a "love letter" to series fans. 

Aside from Battlefield, we'll surely hear news about Apex Legends and the usual sports games. Star Wars Squadrons studio Motive has games in production that we could see, and rumor has it that one of them is a Dead Space reboot. There's also the next Need for Speed, although the most recent news was that it was delayed until next year.

Mass Effect and Dragon Age fans shouldn't get their hopes up, though: BioWare stated that it will not be showing anything at EA Play Live this year. Those games are still in early production, so it makes sense, but it does lead us to wonder what cards EA does plan to play this year. Putting on a show a month later than everyone else is a bit odd. Is it waiting for something to come together? Will there be anything exciting beyond Battlefield 2042 footage and that rumored Dead Space remake? 

There's a website set up for EA Play Live, but there isn't much to it right now except a nod to EA's classic logo. You can expect to find the livestream on Twitch and YouTube. Again, it's on July 22, with the preshow at 10 am Pacific. 

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