Valheim patch makes snakes braver and restores two bugged events Valheim hoe

The latest patch for Iron Gate Studios' Valheim fixes a bunch of minor issues, including a previously unnoticed bug that had stopped two in-game events triggering as they should. Patch 0.154.1 is "one of our beloved fixer upper patches. Besides fixing some bugs and minor issues we found that some of our main random events never triggered as expected."

These events occur randomly when you're wandering around the sun-dappled Viking uplands, and most typically involve a bunch of monsters turning up to have a pop for a few minutes. Sure enough the two that weren't triggering are called 'you are being hunted' and 'the horde is attacking', the former being wolves in the mountains, and the latter seeing a fuling army attack (the little goblin dudes). So: more things to poke with sharp sticks.

Other notable fixes are to the respawn timers on berries and flint, which weren't re-appearing as often as they should, and that snakes have been given a dose of courage: "serpents no longer flee when low on health." Some players were also finding that their swish capes would bug out of shape and make them look like Quasimodo, but no longer will they "form strange bumps on the back after jumping." Raised terrain has also been given the once-over and will apparently now be "more smooth and less pointy."

Finally there are a few quality of life improvements, such as game being clearer about when you've built a fermenter in the wrong place (essential for brewing mead, but needs to be indoors). Oh and speaking of indoors, perhaps the most important fix of all: "covered rocks should no longer look wet during rain."

You can read the full notes here. Or why not read about how the developers used some of their Viking gold to buy an actual horse.

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