Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis arrives next week A Phantasy Star Online 2 character with some very anime hair

Looking for a good place to start with decade-old MMO Phantasy Star Online 2? Next week may be the best shout, as massive standalone expansion New Genesis arrives with a complete overhaul to the game's look and feel.

One month after Sega gave a June release window to the kinda-sorta sequel, the publisher has since confirmed that you'll be able to explore New Genesis' wide open plains on June 9th. 

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Set 1,000 years after the current MMO, New Genesis is a complete reimagining—sporting more action-RPG style combat in a vast open world full of monsters to beat up. Taking place a millennium in the future doesn't mean you need to start afresh, mind. 

PSO2 characters will be able to freely transfer between the base game and NG (though XP gain and certain currencies will be locked to each instance). NG also sports a much beefier character creator, though still retaining the '90s anime charm of PSO2's style.

PSO2:NG will launch after regular maintenance ends on June 9th, and will be available on Windows 10, Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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