little carried away may be a bit of an understatement.

To say I got a little carried away may be a bit of an understatement. Two wolves became three, became ten, then suddenly it seemed like my entire base—and the surrounding countryside—was inundated with the goodest of boys (and, apparently, girls). Before long, I had a small army that could take down invading v buck generator trolls within seconds. But I got to thinking: Why stop at guard duty? Surely I could put my wolves to work some other way? 

The idea came to me as I was browsing mods. I hadn’t used any with Valheim, but it’s cool to see what weird and wonderful things people have come up with. This time, a couple of mods caught my eye and immediately got me thinking about my wolf army.

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

The Beasts of Burden mod lets you attach carts to any tamed animal in Valheim. It also adds the ‘follow’ command to boars and lox, which is super handy if you hope to control where the contents of your cart are taken. Anyone that’s played Valheim for more than a couple of hours knows how annoying it is to transport large amounts of material from one location to another. It’s fun at first, especially when you discover carts, but it can become a little tedious after a few trips. It seemed that this mod could put an end to my problems—and put my wolves to work into the bargain.

The real icing on the cake, however, is the Mount Up mod. This one allows you to use any tamed animal as a mount. I mean, how perfect is that? Especially if both mods work together. I can already see myself riding at the head of a train of wolves, Frostner in hand, transporting precious cargo from one location to another. So with a plan firmly in mind, I loaded up my newly modded Valheim game.

After whipping up a cart at my nearest crafting table, I tried hitching it to a wolf and was surprised by how well it works. Just get the wolf to follow you so it’s standing close to the cart, interact with the cart as you would usually, and it attaches to the wolf. And as a bonus, you can indeed ride a wolf pulling a cart by holding Shift+E. Now we’re talking.

The only slight downside is that, despite having a vast number of wolves, I’m not able to put them all to work—not simultaneously anyway. Valheim restricts the ‘follow’ command to four animals by default. That’s probably for the best—even four carts will take a fair amount of time to fill. Carts can also be difficult to pull over rough terrain, so I will choose a reasonably clear path across the meadows.

As it happens, I need more stone to finish building the walls around my harbour, and I know just the spot to gather some. I collect the 

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