Here’s why you should try anime action MMO SoulWorker Artwork of eight current SoulWorker characters grouped together.

Action games with anime-style graphics are growing in popularity, making it tough to work out which ones are worth your time and suit your style. SoulWorker is a recently relaunched action MMO that's got something to offer for usual MMO fans and anime lovers too. It takes place in a dark, post-apocalyptic world that was infiltrated by demons and monsters many years ago. You play as one of eight, soon to be nine, powerful SoulWorkers with supernatural weapons and extreme combat skills. Here's why you'll want to give SoulWorker a shot if you like co-op with friends, action combat, and all the customization that MMOs offer.

SoulWorker is a free-to-play action MMO

MMOs can be tough to get into, especially when you need to pay up front to try them out. SoulWorker is free to play on Steam, meaning all you have to give up is some storage space to get started. It also makes it easier to find friends willing to give it a shot together in multiplayer co-op missions.

SoulWorker is familiar enough for MMO players to get into and has plenty of action and customization on top of that. SoulWorker's fast-paced action combat is based on building up combos against enemies, which you'll do with a combination of regular mouse button attacks and your hotkey of special skills. You can do more than just change your skill order on your hotkey though. SoulWorker allows for extra combat creativity by letting you choose combo chains for your special skills, meaning every big combo is constructed just how you like it. 

If you just like how SoulWorker looks, there's plenty for you here too. Instanced combat missions are the backbone of the game, but this anime-style game gets into its characters and customization too. There's a housing system and fashion to help you set your character apart with fun decor and special costumes. Each of the playable characters also have their own backstories on how they became SoulWorkers and their connection to the future apocalyptic world. 

SoulWorker continues to add new playable characters

Whether you enjoy each character for their backstory or their unique combat styles, there's a lot to try out. SoulWorker introduced its newest character Ephnel last November, a versatile spear-wielding character with a pretty tragic backstory. Each of SoulWorker's current characters have their own weapons and skills, and there will be more to choose from soon. 

The next new character, Lee Nabi, is arriving in July. Wielding her sniper rifle, she'll be the longest range playable character yet in SoulWorker. Her combat skills and range are sure to open up a lot of new possibilities, making her an anticipated addition for players. She'll have a history of her own to uncover when she arrives too.

The player base has grown since SoulWorker's global expansion

All online games go through changes in player population, but SoulWorker has grown a lot since expanding its service globally. The game is now available in tons of countries, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia, and is playable in both English and Traditional Chinese. Since expanding its service areas, SoulWorker's peak current user count grew to five times its previous average player numbers. 

With balance updates and new characters all continuing to be added, SoulWorker shows promise for keeping all those players around. That's all the better for new players arriving in Cloudream and looking for co-op partners to head out with.

SoulWorker's developers are now servicing the game themselves

SoulWorker's developer Lion Games is now managing the game's service itself. The studio has made several balance changes and updates since its global service expansion in May already, and has more on the way still. With responsibility for SoulWorker entirely in its hands, Lion Games says the team will be working hard to make sure all their new players can enjoy everything Cloudream has to offer.

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