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Want to know more about the Genshin Impact Sayu banner? It's not long now until Genshin Impact 2.0 releases, and with it, the archipelago of Inazuma and its many colourful characters. We've seen Ayaka, a noble sword-wielding princess, and Yoimiya, a firework-crafting archer, but we've also got a third character on the way. Sayu might not seem like much, but this pint-sized Anemo ninja is a master of sneakiness and Inazuma's Yoohoo arts.

Genshin Impact's Sayu resides in Shiyuumatsu-Ban where she spends most of her days looking for hiding spots in which to nap. She believes her small stature is due to a lack of sleep, though seemingly not a lack of strength, because despite her size Sayu wields a claymore. When you also take into account her powerful Bennett-esque elemental burst, she might be the most versatile of Inazuma's three new characters. 

So when can you expect to get your hands on this napping ninja? I've got all the details in this Genshin Impact Sayu guide.

When is the Genshin Impact Sayu banner release date?

The first character banner for Inazuma is The Heron's Court, which lets players wish for Ayaka with boosted rates. We know that Yoimiya and Sayu are both part of the second banner that follows this: Tapestry of Eternal Flames. 

Since character banners usually run for around three weeks, this would mean the Genshin Impact Sayu banner release date is August 11. No official date has been announced yet, but this seems likely.

Watch the Genshin Impact Sayu trailer

None of the three headlining characters from Inazuma have been given character demos with voiceover yet, but you can watch Sayu's extended trailer as part of the 2.0 special program. The video above is skipped to her moment at 35:09, after both Ayaka and Yoimiya's trailers.

What are Sayu's abilities?

As with Ayaka and Yoimiya, we already know all of Sayu's attacks, abilities, skills, and constellations ahead of her release. You can find more info about Sayu at Honey Hunter World.

Normal attack: Shiyuumatsu-Ban Ninja Blade
Normal Performs up to four consecutive strikes.
Charged Drains stamina to perform spinning attacks against all nearby opponents. The sequence ends with a powerful slash.
Plunging Plunges to the ground below damaging opponents along the way, and dealing AoE damage on impact.

Elemental Skill
Yoohoo Art – Fuuin Dash If you press, Sayu curls up into a Fuufuu Windwheel and drives a short distance into opponents, dealing AoE Anemo damage. When the duration ends she unleashes a Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick that also deals AoE Anemo damage. If you hold, Sayu rolls continuously and can be directed, gaining resistance to interruption, and triggering elemental absorption for any elements she comes into contact with. Pressing the skill again ends this state, and Sayu deals a more powerful version of the Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick. The skill has a maximum duration of ten seconds, and its cooldown increases based on how long Sayu is in Windwheel form.

Elemental Burst
Yoohoo Art – Mujina Flurry Sayu summons a pair of helping hands that deal Anemo damage to nearby opponents and heal nearby party members. The amount healed scales on Sayu’s attack. The skill then summons a Muji-Muji Daruma that takes actions at specific intervals depending on the situation. If the HP of nearby characters is above 70% it attacks nearby opponents dealing Anemo damage. If active characters have 70% HP or less, it heals the character with the lowest percent HP. If there are no enemies present, it heals active characters even if they have 70% HP or more.

Yoohoo Art Silencer’s Secret: When Sayu is in the party, your characters will not startle Crystalflies and certain other animals.
Someone More Capable When Sayu triggers a Swirl reaction while active, she heals all your characters for 300 HP. She also heals an additional 1.2 HP for every point of Elemental Mastery she has. This can be triggered once every two seconds.
No Work Today The Muji-Muji Daruma created by Mujina Flurry gains increased AoE for attacking opponents, and when healing a character, also heals any other nearby character for 20% of the amount.

Multi-Task no Jutsu The Muji-Muji Daruma created by Mujina Flurry ignores HP limits and can both attack and heal at the same time.
Egress Prep Damage from Fuuin Dash’s Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick is increased by 3.3% when pressed. Every 0.5 seconds spent in the Fuufuu Windwheel state increases the damage of Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick by 3.3%. The maximum damage increase possible is 66%.
Eh, the Bunshin Can Handle It Increases the level of Munjina Flurry by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Skiving New and Improved: Sayu recovers 1.2 energy when she triggers a Swirl reaction. This effect occurs once every two seconds.
Speed Comes First Increases the level of Fuuin Dash by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Sleep O’Clock For every point of elemental mastery that Sayu has, the Muji-Muji Daruma created by Mujina Flurry gains 0.2% attack, with a possible max increase of 400%. Every elemental mastery point also increases the amount healed by 3, with a max increase of 6,000 additional HP.

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