Cyber Monday gaming keyboard and mouse deals 2021: grab a more responsive setup and save big

Early Cyber Monday mouse and keyboard deals

Cyber Monday Mouse and Keyboard deals

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Cyber Monday, and indeed the whole November sales season, isn't far away now, and that means there should be some great deals on keyboards and mice. Indeed, if the previous years are anything to go by, then there should be plenty of bargainous ways of upgrading how you interface with your gaming PC. And while you won't suddenly enjoy higher frame rates with a new keyboard and mouse, it can make a marked difference when it comes to how using your computer feels.

The best gaming keyboards and gaming mice can really transform your setup, and we're not just talking about the inevitable decking out of RGBs. New mice are getting super light, and their polling rates are on the rise, which can improve your accuracy in competitive shooters. Keyboards have also improved considerably over the last few years, so if you're still rocking the one that came with your last PC, then it's well worth treating your fingers to an upgrade.

We've focused on gaming keyboards and mice that are actually quality options here, as there will inevitably be plenty of dross to catch unsuspecting buyers. So below you'll find only the best peripherals from brands that we know and trust—brands like Corsair, Logitech, Razer, Roccat, Das Keyboards, and their ilk is what counts.

In the meantime, our deal bots are scouring the web for early Cyber Monday deals using lists we've put together of worthy keyboards. That way you get the best price that either man or machine is able to dig up.

When will Cyber Monday gaming keyboard and mouse deals start to appear?

Gaming keyboards and mice tend to go on sale regularly throughout the year, so it wouldn’t be too strange for you to find some great prices even today. That said, the month of November has become something on an unofficial Black Friday event for the full duration, so that’s when you’ll probably see the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday gaming keyboard and mouse deals begin in earnest.

Who will have the best Cyber Monday gaming keyboard and mouse deals?

In the US:

In the UK:

What should I look out for in a Cyber Monday gaming keyboard or mouse?

For starters, most of the top gaming keyboards use mechanical switches, and so too do the top gaming mice, for that matter. These differ from the usual membrane construction you’ll find on cheaper keyboards, and that means greater responsiveness, reliability, and generally a nicer feel. Beyond that, gaming keyboards offer plenty of nice-to-have features, such as RGB lighting, media control keys, macro keys, USB passthrough, wireless connectivity, and much more.

When it comes to gaming mice, you’re looking more at the sensor that tracks your movements on your mouse pad. A good sensor will offer zero acceleration, track you accurately, and be able to withstand you throwing the mice hither and thither. Combined with a comfortable shape, you’re looking at a winner. 

Throw in a cheaper price on top of all of those great features, and you have a keyboard or rodent set to last many years.

Early Cyber Monday keyboard deals

Early Cyber Monday mouse deals

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