Apex Legends hacked to protest Titanfall server hacks An image of a hacked Apex Legends lobby with a message to "save titanfall"

Broad reports from players across social media are outlining a hacking attack on Apex Legends servers that leaves the game unplayable, instead replacing server playlists with a message about Titanfall, Respawn's previous game series. "SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is being attacked so is Apex," says the message. Players are also receiving an "Important Message" popup after matches reading "Visit and repost savetitanfall.com". 

The "savetitanfall.com" website has a message indicating that the site, and the Discord servers listed on it, are "in no way associated with the recent Apex Legends hack."

Players who see the hack are unable to queue for any game mode but the one hacked to display the message. PC Gamer was able to find examples of the hack in both PC and PS4 lobbies.

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The savetitanfall.com website, which has been up for a few months now, is designed to draw attention to Titanfall, a game which has been generally unplayable for years now due to a plague of hackers who take down the servers and spam those lobbies that do start with bots. As Titanfall is a multiplayer-only game, this leaves the game—which is still widely on sale—generally unplayable. A few weeks of uptime have popped up every once in a while over the past few months, most notably following a promise by Respawn that "help is coming."

Despite that promise, the servers have still dropped in and out regularly. Game servers have been dropping out regularly since 2018, according to members of the Titanfall Remnant Fleet community, leaving the game unplayable for weeks at a time. The outages started long before Titanfall made its way to Steam late last year, though the Steam forums are flooded with posts saying the game is unplayable.

This isn't the first hacking problem to hit Apex Legends. Earlier this year, Respawn pledged to take steps to address those hacking and DDoS attack problems as well. 

In May, Respawn Entertainment's communications director Ryan K. Rigney tweeted about the frustrations of dealing with these hackers. Rigney said that "weeks of work" are required to address each new exploit.

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PC Gamer has reached out to EA and Respawn about the situation with Apex Legends, and will update if we receive a response.

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